St John the Baptist School Have faith... believe you can!


Please make sure you:
  1. 1Read, sign and return the Learner Agreement
  2. 2Read the Dress Code
  3. 3Read and understand the Progression Plan

Year 13

As you approach your final year at SJB, I am thrilled to share be sharing this journey with you.

During this year, you will have exposure and experience with UCAS, universities, future planning, next steps and where life may take you once you leave the SJB community. My advice to you all would be to embrace every new opportunity and immerse yourself in all new things that come your way, this will only benefit you long term and allow you to reach your full potential in year 13.

Mrs S. Hearne

This year, we have decided to provide all documents to you electronically. Please follow the instructions and read the Learners Agreement carefully, then sign all the appropriate attached documents. All documentation must be handed in on Registration Day to Mrs Areington.


 Learner Agreement (updated)  Sixth Form and Staff Dress Code  Year 12 into 13 Progression Plan  Sixth Form BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and Welcome Guide  Application for assistance with travel expenses for 16 - 19 year olds  Letter to Parents