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A Level Results

Students and staff at St John the Baptist School (SJB) were delighted to once again receive A Level results to be truly proud of.

With 78% of all grades at either an A*, A or B grade, students are tremendously excited about their future plans for the next academic year. As a percentage of all exam grades, 14% were at an A* grade, 29% A grade and a further 35% at a B grade.

With so many outstanding results we cannot mention everyone but some of the most exceptional performances included:

80% of our students achieved two or more grades A*-B which highlights the hard work and dedication put in by both students and staff.

Damien Kelly (Head of Year 13) was overjoyed with the results which he said were a combination of hard work and determination from all involved.

James Granville Hamshar (Head of School) said 'I'm in complete shock as to how amazing these results are and I don't think its sunk in yet. We're incredibly fortunate here at SJB that we work with such amazing students and these results highlight this. These results are also a testament to the outstanding, dedicated staff that we have at SJB. I am incredibly proud.