• carry your iPad in a suitable protective case
  • plug accessories into their proper slots at the correct angle
  • store your iPad in its case somewhere it will not get knocked or crushed and out of public view when not in use
  • make sure you are sitting down at a stable surface when using your iPad
  • keep the screen clean
  • avoid taking your iPad into bathrooms or extreme temperatures
  • Use the lockers provided to store your iPad

  • place items such as food and drink in the same bag/case as your iPad
  • leave items such as pens on the screen and then close the case
  • leave your iPad on the floor outside the canteen or on the field
  • leave cables dangling where they can get caught
  • swing the case in which your iPad is contained
  • leave your iPad unattended
  • place your iPad on unstable surfaces
  • place your iPad under any other items
  • hold and lift your iPad by the lid of the case
  • use your iPad whilst on the move
  • insert any foreign objects into your iPad
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