iPads are being used for a wide range of activities across all subjects.


Pinterest - view exemplar
We have found Pinterest to be a valuable way of researching and collecting ideas for Art, Textiles and Photography whether it be imagery to inspire projects, ideas of materials and techniques or finding examples of work.

GoodNotes - view exemplar
We use this app for students and teachers to document ideas and discussions with their teachers about their Art, Textiles and Photography work. It's a great app for collating information and imagery together.

Sketchbook Express - view exemplar
This is our favourite drawing app. It is versatile, allowing imagery to be layered up, allowing you to draw over photographs using a variety of tools.


Google Earth
This app allows you to locate places as well as zoom in to look at the landscape and settlement size.

The World in Figures
World figures is great as it contains statistics on every country in the world and is very useful for comparing the development of different countries.

Skitch - view exemplar
Skitch is a very useful app as it allows you to annotate a photo and analyse the geographical features.


Cambridge Nationals
This app is specific to the OCR exam unit. This is a great revision tool when revising for the exam.

Hopscotch is used for KS3 ICT to help students learn programming. The students can grasp the basic concepts of programming including repeat loops.


GoodNotes - view exemplar
We use GoodNotes for all notetaking in lessons. We have found it a great way for students to organise their work.

Media Arts

Revise Media Studies This is a theory based app with quizzes, debates and informative overviews. This is particularly useful tool for revising key terms and concepts.

Teleprompter - view exemplar
When students are doing "to camera" pieces this is an invaluable app which does the job of a real Teleprompter brilliantly!

A fantastic app for ensuring that scripts and storyboards can be constructed according to industry practice. It has pre loaded instructions to ensure that students are guided on the exact process of layout / design features.


This chemistry app lets you see what each element does individually and goes into detail on how some of them can react together and what they produce.

The Human Body
This app provides an interactive way to see and show functions of the body from digestion to brain function. This is helpful for years 7-11.

Atoms HD
This app provides an interactive way to place electrons, protons and neutrons on each element. This is very helpful to those studying atoms for the first time.

GoodNotes - view exemplar
Students can use GoodNotes for notetaking in lessons which enables them to organise their work efficiently.

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